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“My primary commitment is to provide regular people with legal advice and assistance so that they can benefit from the justice system rather than be harmed by it. I continue to enjoy the practice of law because of my satisfaction with the relationships I have built with my clients over the years as well as with people in the Court system and in the legal community.Most of my cases are in state district court but I have also argued in the Colorado Court of Appeals and often appear in federal court.  I believe there is a balance between negotiating settlements where possible and litigating if settlement is not to the advantage of the client. Typically, this means that I am able to resolve many disputes informally but that I also go to Court on a regular basis. I think it is important to attempt to settle cases since that saves clients money and stress. However, it is  important to litigate when necessary and it helps to have a reputation as a litigator since it gets results.”

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Julie has also done pro bono work on behalf of Southeast Asians, victims of domestic violence, and on environmental issues.
She believes in giving back to the community that she lives in.

Core Areas Of Practice

Julie’s core areas of practice are Wills & Estate Planning, Consumer Law, Family Law, and Bankruptcy & Debt Resolution.

Other legal matters are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Wills & Estate Planning

We help clients navigate the complicated areas of wills, living wills, estate planning and probate.

Bankruptcy & Debt Resolution

Julie’s knowledge of bankruptcy law, debt negotiation & settlement helps resolve financial crises quickly.

Benefits of a General Practice

I find that having a general practice means that I am aware of the effect of one legal issue on other areas of the law.  For example, a divorce can have bankruptcy implications.  We are able to keep track of how the different areas of law intersect and assist the client in most of them. This often saves the client money since we are already familiar with them and can handle those issues more efficiently. General practice firms can serve usefully in most cases.  However, there are some cases that require a high level of specific knowledge.  When that is the case, our firm co-counsels to have that advantage or we refer the case. 


Because we are a small firm, we are able to provide personalized service to clients. That means we know all of our clients and the immediate details of their cases. We are able to return calls promptly and respond quickly to the needs of our clients.

client/attorney relationship

The relationship between an attorney and client is a critical one.   Our firm offers a one-time free consult to ensure that the client has an opportunity to meet us and determine if we are the best fit for them and their case.

working with julie

Since legal issues are stressful, we’ve designed our firm to make clients feel welcome, get answers promptly and achieve the best resolution possible. We encourage our clients to call us with any questions or concerns and we return calls the same day or shortly thereafter.

I strongly prefer to have my clients call or email me with their questions   I also use the services of my assistant whenever appropriate to reduce costs.  Additionally, we offer tea and coffee with a private conference room to make a trip to our office a little more comfortable and we do zoom and calls for those who prefer to skip a trip downtown.

working with other lawyers

I tend to have courteous relationships with opposing counsel and the Court.  Not only do I believe that this is the ethical way to practice law, I also believe it makes me more effective as your representative.

While some attorneys feel that a bulldog approach is effective, I believe that other attorneys and the courts have good memories.  If you are honest and reasonable, they tend to respond more quickly and cooperatively.   If you are belligerent, the logical solution is to avoid wasting time and litigate all issues.  Because a lot of legal work is still done on an informal basis, (even in the courtroom), a reasonable reputation is a useful asset.

Client Testimonials

  • I just want you both to know how much happier I have been since you took care of this. I have constant money in my account, and there has been zero stress. I attribute the resulting positive attitude to my recent promotion at work. Thanks again for helping me straighten out my life 🙂

    R. M.
  • My name is Phyllis Markey and Ms. Julie Kreutzer was my lawyer who handled my disability case. Ms. Kreutzer worked endlessly on my case for a long five years. In those five years not only was she extremely professional, but also caring in keeping my spirits up when I thought I wouldn't be approved. She fought for me and she even took it to Federal Court where the Judge ruled in my favor...I couldn't be happier with what Ms. Kreutzer did for me and will be eternally grateful for her relentless work ethics and being emotionally supportive of a very trying experience. I live better because of her and what she has done for me. I am on disability for a brain injury from a car accident in 1995...brain injuries are very tough to see and making them a difficult case to prove. I owe so much more to Julie Kruetzer than I can ever pay back. She is a true hero in my book.

    Phyllis Ann Markey
  • Julie Kreutzer took what could have been the most humiliating time of our lives and helped us hold our heads high once again. No one wants to go through this process, but if you have to, Julie is the person you want at your side. She is beyond dedicated to what she does and so truly believes that everyone deserves a second chance. We walked into her office feeling dejected and about as low as anyone can be and left with HOPE. She and her amazing assistant, Keeli, moved mountains and gave us our lives back. We can never thank them enough. We consider them to be dear friends and would recommend Julie highly and without hesitation to anyone needing her services.

    Gary & Melanie Larrieu
  • I was very pleased with the work of Julie Kreutzer and her capable staff in handling my bankruptcy. They were very professional and kind. I had an excellent outcome, and will recommend her to others in the future.


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