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Julie Kreutzer has been in general practice since 1992, specializing in Business law, Estate Planning (Wills and related documents as well as Probate), Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, and family law, in the Boulder and Denver metro areas of Colorado.


Julie Kreutzer is a Colorado native and graduated from the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder in 1992. She opened her first general practice in Denver and practiced almost exclusively in the Southeast Asian community for five years. She then moved to Boulder where she continued in general practice.

Julie believes in practicing with integrity and compassion. Julie has done pro bono work on behalf of Southeast Asians, battered women, and on environmental issues. She is currently on the Board of Directors of Mission:Wolf and belongs to a variety of environmental groups. Julie believes in giving back to the community that she lives in.

Wills, Living Wills, and Estate Planning

As a Boulder wills lawyer, Julie also does estate planning and assists clients by drafting wills, living wills, etc. and revising them as needed. Most people don’t have a will, but this is often a great mistake. Who will get your money and your property when you die? Who will get custody of your children? If you don’t have a will, you are leaving these important questions up to a court to decide. This also creates a lot of unnecessary stress on your loved ones. Creating a will is simple and easy, and it will give you peace of mind to know that the settling of your affairs after your death will be straightforward and will not be a burden to your family.

Bankruptcy Law

As a Boulder bankruptcy lawyer, Julie has handled hundreds of cases for clients in Denver, Boulder and Jefferson County. Julie uses her knowledge of bankruptcy law, debt negotiation and settlement to assist her client in overcoming their financial crises as quickly as possible. For example, she stops garnishments, harassing creditor calls, and foreclosures.

Family Law

As a Boulder family law attorney, Julie helps clients navigate the complicated areas of divorce, custody and child support payments. Julie helps her clients navigate the confusing and intimidating legal system to resolve their family law problems.

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