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As the Pandemic drags on and the economy fluctuates, there is an enormous need to help businesses and individuals manage their debt.  My law office has been offering virtual debt resolution services including debt negotiation, fraud litigation and Chapter 7 bankruptcies for over 28 years.  In the past, this was done through face-to-face meetings and in person hearings.  However, with Covid 19, many people want to do as much of the process virtually as possible and at this point, the hearings are done by phone in Bankruptcy Court and in other courts.

Steps in the Virtual Process

We have developed a system of doing an initial free half hour consult by phone to review all your options for resolving your debt, answer your questions and determine if our services work for you.  In some cases, bankruptcy can be avoided through debt negotiation of debts or litigation if you’re a victim of fraud or we can do Chapter 7 for personal and business debt; we handle all three situations.  If you choose to retain or consult with us we send a link for retainer and a fee agreement.  Once we are retained, we get the information to either negotiate your debt, deal with fraudulent creditors or file your case by phone and email and then do any hearings required virtually with you by phone.  Some courts are currently doing some in-person hearings but it is a very fluid situation.

Cost and Options

We charge a flat fee for Chapter 7  or we can consult on an hourly basis if you choose to use Upsolve (see my article on this).  We do our hourly rate for our other debt resolution services like negotiation with creditors.  Even if you are very broke, I do a free half hour consult to offer you some of the information you need and am available to consult on an hourly basis if you can’t avoid the flat fee.  We will find a way to help you.   If you are interested in a free half hour consult, email us at or call 303-417-0697.

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