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By: Julie Kreuzer, Esq.


Most small and medium size businesses don’t have in-house legal counsel but do need advice and legal services for drafting and review of contracts and other legal documents like leases, disputes, legal requirements and a variety of other legal issues.  Legal consulting is an affordable option as it allows a business to seek out advice when they need it,  either with a small retainer or pay as you go.  I have practiced for over 30 years, representing a variety of businesses, mostly in setting up LLCs and updating business documents, answering specific legal questions and advising on best options, reviewing and drafting contracts and other documents, and resolving disputes.

The different phases of the Pandemic have been particularly challenging for businesses as it’s a completely different environment with new challenges.  During this period, I’ve negotiated business debts, redrafted contracts, and provided advice on doing business virtually.  I do a free initial consult of a half hour to determine if my legal services work for new clients.  I often do legal work as the need comes up but also work as a Fractional Attorney, which like a Fractional Executive, would mean an ongoing relationship.



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