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By:  Julie Kreutzer, Esq.


The different phases of Covid have made dealing with mortality even more difficult.  As we’ve seen during Covid, everyone needs a Will and Advanced Medical Directive and Medical Durable Power of Attorney.  Without these documents,  formal probate is necessary and time consuming as well as expensive.  The healthcare documents are critical for times when you are too ill or injured to communicate with your doctor as they allow a friend or relative to convey your wishes and get you the care you want. Although there are online documents available, they often lack enough explanation which leads to  documents  that don’t make any sense and again, formal probate is needed.  (This happens because some of the options aren’t explained or don’t work under the circumstances). Outdated documents are also puzzling for the heirs and the judge and sometimes disastrous.  Although it’s interesting for an attorney like me to work with a judge to try and sort out what someone meant to do in their Will, the expense and delay is really not a good thing.

Flat Fee and Hourly Services

For those with an estate of no more than $12.06 million (individual) or $24.12 million (couple), I do a flat fee package of the Will, Medical Documents and related documents that work together to protect my clients while they live and their heirs after they pass.  Listening and then explaining different options allows me to tailor documents according to what each client needs.  I also am happy to review older documents to be sure they still work (this is done on an hourly basis and doesn’t take too long).

Covid Services

These documents can be done for anyone in Colorado* virtually or in person (depending on Covid and your location). Because of Covid, we have to vary communicating according to what is safe so that might mean in-person at my conference room with masks, or by zoom or phone or email.  I am flexible as to what is easiest and safest.  I offer a free half hour consult to discuss if what I do meets your needs.

Signing Services

Once your documents are done, I can help you get them properly notarized and signed (these documents don’t work if that doesn’t happen) and I can do updates as needed.  My office building currently has a notary that can be scheduled or other options can be reviewed if that doesn’t work.  Some clients prefer to get their documents signed at another location, which also works, though it’s best that I have a signed copy to be sure it has been signed and notarized properly and just in case the original is lost.


*  I can’t do estate planning for out of state clients but you might find some of the articles in my site a good source as to why you need a will and related documents and what they do.





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