Pets, Plants and Estate Planning

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By: Julie Kreutzer, Esq.


At best, most attorneys may ask if you want to do any bequests for friends but I think I’m the only attorney who has a regard for pets and plants.  My view is if you cherish your pets and plants now, why would you not want to be sure they’d be cared for when you pass?  There are definite ways to do that well and it’s a standard part of my estate planning. For that matter, cherished items like your antique fly fishing rods, yarn collection or whatever other items matter to you, should go to those who will enjoy and take care of them.

I do a reasonable flat fee package that covers Will, health care documents, and a variety of other documents that protect you during your life and cover all of the issues that matter when you pass. My process is to get to know the client through an initial meeting, then draft and revise the documents in a collaborative process, and then help you get them signed and notarized as needed.  Contact me at for a free ½ hour consult.


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