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By: Julie Kreutzer, Esq.

There are 3:

  • Contest them immediately if they are not correct and do so in writing noting what is incorrect and asking for a response in seven days. Save all emails or correspondence. Follow-up and get help from an attorney if this isn’t successful as even a debt that isn’t correct can haunt you.
  • Negotiate with the creditor. First try an email with your proposed terms that are affordable for you so you know you can do it. Any deal needs to be confirmed in writing. If you feel you’re getting nowhere, I assist clients in negotiating a debt or several debts.
  • If you can’t pay this debt and other debts, talk with an attorney about Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I do free consults to see if you’re eligible.

For all these options, contact me a for a free consult.   I’ve had 30 years in practice and can consult with you on the best way to resolve your debt.

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