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By Julie Kreutzer


If you are unsure if your estate planning documents need an update, I can review them to be sure they will protect you and yours while you are alive and after you pass.  Things to look for:

  • Did you do the documents in another state?
  • Are the people you appointed to different roles able to perform their roles and do you have back-ups just in case they can’t? (Examples include, health care agents, executors, etc.)
  • Have there been major life changes such as your children have grown up or you just had children?
  • Have your views on the type of medical care you want changed over time?
  • Are your medical documents powerful enough to protect you? (Example; “My Wishes” documents are better than nothing but often lack the detail needed to protect you and cover all bases.)
  • You did online documents that were very basic and might not fit your particular situation.
  • You’re concerned that you do not have all the documents that you need (Advanced Medical Directive, Medical Durable Power of Attorney, General Power of Attorney, Personal Property Memorandum, etc).

For those with an estate of no more than $12.06 million (individual) or $24.12 million (couple), I can review your documents and advise you at a reasonable price, virtually (by phone and email) or in person, depending on what works best. I can occasionally revise your documents if they are well drafted and you have word documents but if they need updates, it’s best to supply a new set of documents at a flat fee, as that’s more practical and cost efficient.   Call and we cans discuss your concerns and questions.   I’m at 303-417-0697 or you can email me at jkreutzerlaw@gmail

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