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To get a  free half hour consult, please email me  your name, the name of the party you’re dealing with and the type of legal issue. I need to have your name and the other party’s name to be sure I don’t have a conflict of interest and so that I’ll recall who you are if you call me in the future.  I need to know the legal issue to be sure I can be of asssistance.  When I talk to you, I’ll need to get some basics from you in order to be sure I’m offering accurate advice.  During the consult I can also tell you likely cost of my services, ways I can assist and other helpful information.  The best option is to email me this information at and I’ll get back to you to schedule or get you referrals if I can’t assist you.  If you decide you want more than a half-hour, you can get a paid consult after the free one is done based on whatever amount of time you need but it helps me to let me know when we schedule how much extra time you might need.

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